Welcome to the world of Savoury Spices. We offer unique, high quality spice blends produced by Herbie’s, Australia’s premiere supplier of spices. These blends each combine up to 10 different spices to create delicious flavours guaranteed to enhance the taste of meat, seafood or vegetables. You can use these spice blends to prepare fabulous meals in just a few minutes.

Our Herbie’s spices come in high-barrier packaging, critical to protecting volatile oils and maintaining flavour. The quantity in each package is kept small to maintain freshness and eliminate the waste associated with unused spices. Our spices contain no fillers, starches, MSG or additives of any kind, so you know they will be healthy and rich in flavour.

  • Are you getting bored with the same old seasoning / sauces / marinades? Herbies spice blends offer unique flavours for beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables.
  • Do you want to prepare exotic meals but simply don’t have time? With Herbies spice blends there is no need to combine spices yourself. Blends have just the right mix of various spices.
  • Do your spices go stale within a few months of purchase? Herbies unique high barrier zip-seal packaging ensures continued freshness unlike most jars, tins and other packaging.

On the Shop Online page you can order spices individually or in theme kits. Check out our Recipes page for serving suggestions.

Tip of the Month: Now that the Fall season is here, use Herbie’s spice blends in your stew, tomato sauce or stir fry to add zing to your meals. The spice blends are a healthy alternative to prepared sauces which can contain a lot of sugar, salt and preservatives. Impress your guests with these unique flavours!

Vancouver Event: Herbie's Spices Founder, Ian (Herbie) Hemphill was in Vancouver recently to promote his book, 'The Spice & Herb Bible'. Great book to learn all about spice and herbs, and how to use them. I've put together a Spice Kit (including recipes) for the delicious dishes we tasted at the book launch.  You can purchase these kits on the Shop Online page.

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